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Do you print a lot of documents, photos, flyers, etc. per day? Investing in a home printer will help you save money. You won’t need the services of other people on printing the school projects of your child. With your own hands, you can operate your own home printer that will fit your needs.

Have you ever wonder which printer is the best home printer for you? Are you confused and don’t know which printer will fit your home best?

What is your criteria in finding the best printer for your home? Unlike computers, laptops, or cellphones, printers are not replaced often; thus, it is not surprising for the average home to have a printer that is a few years old. Unlike hi-tech gadgets, printers are both electronic and mechanical. This means reliability and build quality are highly important.

The best printers last longer than many other electronic devices and most people are contented with a durable printer as long as it is still functioning properly. Thus, you should get your purchase right. Of course, the best printers are those that churn out high printing quality in minimal time with little fuss. Yet, it doesn’t hurt if the home printer you seek has Wi-Fi, or Google Cloud support, or Apple AirPrint.

It also doesn’t hurt if you want a printer with color touchscreens that may allow you to print documents from your tablet or smartphone effortlessly. However, the bottom line is that regardless of whatever technological advances it may possess, the best home printer never fails you whenever you need to get a printing job done.

Pricing is also another consideration. Printers can cost you an average of $100 and can reach as high as $600. However, you need to think about maintenance costs. Some of the more important considerations are the price of the compatible ink cartridge and cost per page. Below are some of the best and affordable home printers that you may keep around for the next few years.

With the variety of available printers in the market, you might be confused about the features to look for and the specific brand to choose.

Here is a helpful guide to assist you on choosing the most suitable printer you can use at home:

TYPE OF HOME PRINTERS – As a customer, you must identify first the best type of printer you would like — will it be a laser printer or inkjet printer? Laser printers have the ability to print large pile of papers immediately. When it comes to price, this type of printer has a reasonable cost. However, the replacement of laser toner might give you higher expenses, usually making it not a good option for home usage. Inkjet printers are ideal for home use due to their flexibility. If you want to print glossy photos and essays, these printers will help you. Recently, manufacturers proudly introduced ink cartridges with relatively high capacity. This means that each page of your printed document will have a lower cost. You can have big savings and fast printing at the same time. It is more ideal to have an inkjet printer in order to make printing at ease.

If you want an all-in-one printer, inkjet and laser printers also have a “scanner bed” which make them multi-functional — scanner, printer and copier. Whatever function of best home printer you need, an All-in-one product will truly assist you. Everything will now be easy and comfortable for you.

COLOR INK– Aside from the type of printer you want, there is also a need to give particular attention to the ink. You always want to be practical on every product you purchase. The printing cost must be low enough to avoid emptying your pocket with simple ink. Color printing needs more ink than the plain text.

The best home printer must have the capability of switching off the ink tank when documents are only in plain texts. It will result to more savings. You must choose a brand that can give you such benefit.

PRINT QUALITY – Your printer must have high print resolution for the best quality of print. You must see the dpi (dots per inch) for the printer resolutions. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality will be. For best result, you must prefer the standard dpi of 1200 x 1600. You can enjoy the benefits from your printer by selecting high resolution.

INK REPLACEMENT – Before you buy a home printer, it is important to estimate the cost of ink replacement. If you have a business, a good ink cartridge will help you. Choosing a high yield one means that you won’t need to change all colors.

If you want to print family photos, your printer must have special ink qualities. This will help you achieve the most appealing quality.

NETWORKING CAPABILITY– A printing device must also have more connectivity options. USB is the most popular option for connectivity. Your printer must have a USB port in order to save  files on the flash drive. If you have a wireless printer, the USB port will serve as a tool for printing via home network. Wi-Fi is also a common method which is a product of technology advancement.

A good high quality home printer with great features is the 8610 HP Color Inkjet Printer (All-In-One) (Wireless)

8610 HP Color Inkjet Printer

This printer is the best choice among available home printers. Aside from great features you can expect, you can save up to 60 % if you select HP Color Inkjet printer. The shipping is also free so you don’t need to worry about extra fees.

FEATURES of HP Inkjet home printer:

  • HIGH QUALITY PRINTING – If you are a businessman who also perform office works at home, this HP printer will help you to acquire an excellent impression from your customers. At low cost per page, you won’t have high expenses for printing your documents. Compared to other brands, HP is well-preferred for its efficiency.
  • EASY OPERATION – Users will find it very easy to run this printer. With the clearly labeled icons on the printer, you will easily know the current status of the printing process. The power button in front can be easily found by the users. There are printers that seem to hide the buttons and will require eyeglasses to see them.
  • WIRELESS – This means that you can possibly print files from your tablet or smartphone even without Ethernet connectivity. HP Inkjet Printer will save your time.
  • VERSATILITY – This characteristic simply means that you can now handle multiple tasks, in the absence of slowing down. Your business will attain progress because you won’t experience any delay. On the other hand, school projects are always printed ahead of time. Fast printing is quite possible.

If you also want to scan printed documents, you won’t need to open another machine. With your HP Inkjet Printer, numerous functions are accomplished. Copy, fax, scan, print—you can do them on a single printer.

  • OUTSTANDING INK- With the use of Original HP Ink, you will expect for a printed document that retains the bright color of the images on the computer. There will be no blots or fading portions. Quality is always present on your work.

Choosing the best home printer might be a very challenging for home users but by simply looking at the brand, you can already determine if your decision is right. HP must always be a primary choice when it comes to home printers. It is an established brand which always provide outstanding services for the customers.

Some printers consist ink tank (black) and for the other colors of ink such as magenta, cyan, and yellow. When one of the color inks drained, you need to change the three tanks. It is extremely wasteful. When you buy a home printer, make sure that it will not require such kind of ink.

Here you can find the printer’s sale page.

Another good printer is the Canon Pixma MG5620


This is a multifunction wireless inkjet printer that can scan, print, copy documents, and outputting full-color text pages and photos. At an affordable price of $80, you may not expect to find a memory card reader or fax machine.

A plus side of this printer is that it churns out excellent quality photos and documents. For double-sided prints, it has an auto-duplexer. You can easily set it up and effortlessly connect it with a mobile device or wireless network.

However, ink is quite expensive and can discourage heavy photo printing. It also does not have a media card bay. The Canon Pixma MG5620 is a highly capable machine, if you are willing to overlook the consumables’ high cost.

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