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The demand for printers has augmented with the digitalization of the device. Printers are seen more often in homes these days, as people are using them for carrying on various assignments and projects. Laser printers produce high quality digital printing, which brings the graphics to life. The first laser printer was introduced by IBM in 1975. Laser printers are used mainly to produce high volume printing. It uses dry ink for the printing process, and that protects the image from getting smeared in odd circumstances.

Working of a laser printer

A laser printer uses non-impact photocopier technology; it does not work by letting the keys strike the paper. While a document is sent for printing, it is been drawn on a selenium coated drum by the laser beam using electrical charges. The image is rolled in toner using a dry powder kind of ink, which is then transferred on the piece of paper with heat and pressure. Once the process of printing is done, the electrical charge is withdrawn from the drum, after which the excess toner is recollected. A laser printer can print both monochrome and color images.

Consider the following factors while buying a laser printer

Printing capacity

Depending on your requirement make sure you buy a printer which suits your purpose. Every person likes to save money, and as laser printers is an expensive look out. So, make sure you buy a printer that is enough for your purpose. High capacity printers cost more and vice versa. Thus make sure you analyze the required capacity and make the final purchase accordingly

Look for resolution in a laser printer

Laser printers come with an average resolution of 600dpi. Some printers come with a resolution up to 2400 dpi. Thus, while buying a printer makes sure you check the resolution offered. A high resolution printer would cost more as compared to the lower ones. If you want to use the printer for your normal daily purposes, then a standard resolut6ion would be enough to suit your purpose. Make smart purchase and save money.

Paper handling

This is a must watch while buying a laser printer. Many printers do accommodate only letter size, cut sheet paper. Laser printers can print on adhesive labels, transparencies, and lightweight cards, and it comes with the facility of manual duplex printing which allows you to print on both sides of the paper. Make sure you check the various possibilities while buying a printer.

Warm up time

Warm up time is the time which the printer takes to get ready for printing the image sent to it by the computer. The average warm up time taken by a laser printer is 5 to 30 seconds, and this time includes the time utilized in printing the paper. The warm up time is an important factor considering the overall productivity. Make sure you check on this factor so that you buy the best product.

Laser printer have digitalized images and have given them a real look. Colored printing is even more fun for your kid’s school projects. Analyze the various factors to buy the best product.

Laser printers are well known for their capability to print high quality photos very fast.

Here are some of the best laser printers on the market because of their cheap price and printing quality:

1. Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

2. Canon imageCLASS All-in-one Laser Printer

3. HP LaserJet Pro
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