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With evolution in the technology of printers, the wireless printers are being used for more than just printing purposes. Printers are used for printing, scanning, photocopying, etc. and this has made printer a multi use device which fulfills many a purposes. Buying a printer is a considerably large expense, and it needs to be well thought of because a printer is not to be replaced very often. A lot many factors are required to be considered, including quality of printing, reliability of the brand, time consumed by the overall process, cost per printing, etc. before investing on a printer. And the device which stands best on all these parameters would definitely prove to be suitable for a particular use.

I find Brother DCPL2540DW as The Best All In One Laser Printer

Best All In One Laser Printer


Consider the use

It is very important to analyze the use of a printer before buying the device. Depending on the use which may be for office purpose, or for small or occasional home printing purposes, the device should be bought. Even the various varieties of the printers are designed to deal with different uses. Brother DCPL2540DW wireless compact printer is designed to fit in every larger, medium, and small uses of a printer. This reliable machine has the capacity to fit well in all its requirements delivering the highest printing quality.

General specifications of Brother DCPL2540DW wireless compact printer

  • This is a multifunctional printer that can be used for the purpose of printing, scanning, and photocopying.
  • On an average it can efficiently print and copy 30 pages per minute. It enables duplex printing having the capacity to scan colored documents as well.
  • This compact printer can easily accommodate 250 sheets, and up to 37 page ADF (automatic document feeder) to make printing and scanning more convenient.
  • With wired network connectivity which allows it to be used by multi-users, this compact laser printer features a built-in wireless 802.11b/g/n for enabling wireless printing technique.
  • Furthermore, scanned documents can be easily sent wirelessly to a mobile device using Brother iPrint&Scan mobile App.
  • The documents can be printed wirelessly as well through smart phones, tablets using Air-Print, Google Print, Wi-Fi Printing, etc.
  • It produces professional high quality output with an optimum resolution of 2400×600 dpi. Delivering the most eye catching images and content.
  • It comes up with a Toner Save options, which uses less ink comparatively. Using this feature you co0uld save the ink when you don’t req1uire it as much.

Bottom line Impression

The Brother DCPL2540DW compact laser printer comes up with B/W laser printing technology that can print a maximum of 30 pages per minute on a maximum resolution of 24500×600 dpi. It comes with a flatbed scanner type t6hat works on CIS (contact based scanner). The printer also features a two-line LCD display control panel with labeled buttons for the convenience of the users. This printing device is well designed to fulfill multi-uses, comes from reliable brand and produces high quality output.


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