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Gone are the days when you had to spend more than a quarter of thousand dollars to even get a hand on one of the all in one printers available in the market. But nowadays it’s quite easy to acquire a brand new all in one printer for even less than $100. With hundreds of choices available for selection it becomes quite hard for a first time buyer or even an experienced buyer to come up with a printer that best suits his needs. That is why to cut the hassle of selection process we have reviewed all the all in one printers available in the market from top selling brands and come up with two printers that will well suit you, whatever your needs may be. So let us cut the crap and dive straight into the list of the top all in one printers on sale on 2015.

The best affordable all in one printer on sale:

Canon Pixma MG5620
Undoubtedly Canon is one of the best companies available in the market manufacturing and designing quality printers and accessories. The Canon Pixma series is quite popular among buyers and specifically the Canon Pixma MG5620 is getting quite a buzz due to its affordability, compactness and many other useful features. The Canon Pixma MG5620 is a sleek and cool looking printer with a 2.5” color screen over it. The menu has to be navigated using the predefined control keys at the bottom of the screen. For connectivity, it has options for both USB and Wi-Fi. The bit weighty Pixma MG5620 is quite fast in both printing and scanning than the average sub $100 all in one printers available in the market. Not only it impresses with its stunning look and faster works, the quality and clarity of every print is quite remarkable – thanks to the extra photo black cartridge for printing those dark tones for extra details. Along with these the Pixma MG5620 comes with a great bundle of software and it is very affordable in terms of the amount of page you can print with before refilling. But Pixma MG5620 has garnered a few negative reviews for its cartridges which sometimes leaks during installation. So be careful while installing a new cartridge if you are considering buying this all in one printer.
You can buy this printer from HERE

Premium all in one printer on sale :
Epson Expression Premium XP-820

Epson is quite popular in the market for its print quality and affordable all in one printers. We reviewed the Epson Expression Premium XP-820 and found out that it deserves the top spot for the best all in one printers on sale. The XP-820 is a bit bulky and comes with a lot of features. Just like Canon Pixma MG5620 it features a photo black cartridge for better print clarity. The Expression XP-820 features a 4.3” LCD touch-screen which saves you from all the hassle of pushing annoying buttons. The printer can be connected using both USB and Wi-Fi and as an additional feature it has the ability to print directly from an SD card. The printer is quite fast in both printing and scanning and the quality is, as expected, better than any other printers available in this range. Additionally this printer features faxing, printing directly upon a disk and sharing scanned picture directly to Facebook. If you are looking for a premium printer with awesome printing capabilities then Epson Expression Premium XP-820 is your go to all in one printer!
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