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Have You Heard? Hp Envy 4500 Is Your Best Bet To Grow

HP Envy 4500

An all-inclusive printer, profiling elite features, HP Envy 4500 is one inexpensive printing alternative, receiving genuine appreciation from all around. While talking about elite features, user will be surprised seeing automatic duplex printing and wireless networking facility with this device. A breakthrough in HP’s Deskjet range, the Envy 4500 is unbelievingly projects HP’s ePrinting standard. So, now with an email address, it can be set up anywhere and whatever is sent to the address, it will print in no time. It supports Android and iOS mobile devices. The set up is capable of functioning with black and tricolour ink cartridges instead of mere individual color tanks. Unlike those expensive ones, where colors tanks are used, without considering the exhaustion of one color store, the whole color cartridge is required to be replaced as soon as one of the colors drains out. So it is an extra cost that one has to bear. Printer can be deemed more of a lifestyle printer, designed to look good and function good, known for leisure printing. Trays are automated and glass tops bring sophisticated look to it.

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Noticeable Specifications of HP Envy 4500

  • There is no way for separate color changing,
  • The monochrome display is not at all touch sensitive, so no issues regarding the touch display is found.
  • XL cartridges is accessible
  • Draft print is excellent with this printer
  • Price is incredibly low compared to its features
  • The input tray is confined in the bottom, so the moment it is laden with A4 paper, the front panel is seemed to be in no way closing.
  • The moo print cost is little high especially when high-yield XL cartridges are on the use. However, the cost can be balanced by using low color, which comes around 5.75p per page.
  • Interface accommodates design for both scanner and printer elements of MFPs and unlike HP’s other devices, Envy 4500 print driver is user friendly and meant for family utilization.
  • Unlike HP’s Deskjet, the setting of Envy 4500 offers all-inclusive support for borderless photo printing.
  • Envy 4500 has over-simplified TWAIN scanner interface capable of offering predefined resolution alternatives, which do not integrate 150dpi,
  • Nonetheless, the ink is blamed to run out fast.

What Envy 4500 is capable of offering

  • First and foremost, this printer is capable of harnessing HP’s ePrint service, so now one can email the documents to the printer, which it will print in no time. The printer can easily be connected to the Google Cloud Print service and have the documents printed from there. From mobile devices, the printer can be accessed as long as the right app is installed; for android devices HP ePrint and for Apple devices there is HP AirPrint.
  • Stylish, compact, handy and cost effective, this small printer is suitable for desktop and laptop. Its lack of wings makes it highly cosmopolitan in appearance. Its slim profile makes it efficient for home and office alike, paper is fed through front panel and the tray can accommodate 100 pages at a time, which is not a bad deal either. On the output tray, maximum 30 pages may rest at a time. The fed pages take a curving turn and reemerge at the front panel.
  • The printer is capable of printing on both ends without any manual interruption, just it takes couple of minutes for the ink to dry on one end and then it takes back the paper and print the matter on the opposite end.
  • For copies, Envy 4500 comes with a flash scanner and when the computer is having HP driver software installed, the scanner directly scans the matter from the computer. The small scanner helps the printer effortlessly master with considerably less downtime.
  • For printing, Envy 4500 demands two cartridges, one is black and the other one is tri-colour. These cartridges can easily be replaced by lifting the scan tray without resorting to any professional help. Both the cartridges are HP61 models and capable of delivering 165 colour pages and 190 black pages.

How does it work with computer and mobile devices

  • When it comes to internet and its purposes, HP Envy 4500 is one seamless inkjet printer, which is not having extra physical facilities like printing directly from the SD card. The printer does not need professional proficiency for system setup. Before initiating the set up process, downloading the drivers from HP’s Web site is fundamental, particular if the user is having desktop or laptop where there is no option for an optical drive. However, HP offers drivers on a CD. The printer does not involve multiple wires but wirelessly everything can be done merely using the USB. The USB cable is packed within the box.
  • While conducting the driver installation task, the complete instruction is needed to be understood, how to connect, and how the user can print from the mobile device. The procedure is definitely not difficult to deal with, providing the devices are working on the same identical network. One needs to make sure that the wireless framework is not switched off on the printer’s menu, next the Wi-Fi network is to be connected and then the password has to be entered and here ends the venture with foolproof success.
  • Now the moment this wireless set up is done, the installation program needs to run on any other computer, which is again likely to run on any other accessible network. Now, if the user is willing to print online, there are two fundamental things required to perform. Setting up an account with the HP ePrint service and enabling the same with ePrint service on the printer. The second option, however is simply pressing the button located between the Wi-Fi button and the question mark button. It will help the user get an instruction sheet containing the printer’s ‘code’. Using that, code printer can be registered on the ePrint site. Here a custom email address for the printer can be created and set up can thus be installed.



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