HP Office-jet 4500 – Review of the printer

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                   Enhance your printing with the HP Office-jet 4500 – Review

Are you bored with your old retro style printer? Want to buy an all-in-one printer? If yes, then your search ends here with the magnificent all-in-one printer from the hub of HP the all new HP Office-jet. This great printer with blackish outlook has come up with some basic professional features other than being wireless. The printer is very easy to setup and run. Thus it can be accessed very easily for homely purposes. It comes with 4-in-all-printing, scanning, copying and faxing. This printer is actually a prudent all-in-one with a prudent price tag and also designed for the users with prudent needs and apprehension. But the printer will mesmerize you with not but most of its features.

Why to use this HP Office-jet 4500 printer?

Do you have any bulk black and white printing to do, but don’t have the correct monochromatic printer? Is printing texts or photo papers the only concern for you? Now there isn’t any need to worry as with this printer, you will get work done with just a click. The main fact is that it gives you a top notch quality monochrome text. The printer from the hut of HP has a pursuit-like, all-moldable body in 2001-menhir black. With its compact design and light weight it is very easy to settle anywhere. It takes no such work space and easily adjustable almost everywhere in your home or in your office. But not against the wall atleast leaving 2 inches for the power cord. It has a USB port 2.0 and has a sheet tray for 100 papers to hold at a time. The best part of this magnificent monochromatic printer is that it can it has a built in wired network to share things with other people with a high resolution color photo printing which helps you to enhance the business documents. Get your photo a charismatic look with the color printing of this printer from the HP house.

 An overview of this magnificent HP Office-jet 4500:

It is not just because of the brand name only; the super Office-jet has all the professional features to overcome all the business work you need. Get your work done just by sitting at your home or office; it will do without a sound. This impenetrable design of the printer is highly adjustable anywhere and goes best with the desktop. It has a control area and even an outer paper handling features which are highly accustomed. It has a small 2.5 inches LCD screen with a numeric keypad just at the left giving it a formal look.

Specifications of HP Office-jet 4500 Printer:

Most of the features for the Office-jet Printer may be a little minimal but it is still plentiful. Some of the major specifications for the printer are:

  • The installed RAM is supporting upto 64 MB with an inkjet technology in usage.
  • The widths, depth, height as well as the weight are 17.1 in, 15.8 in, 8.5 in as well as 13.01 lbs respectively.
  • The power consumption is 17 watt with a copying speed of 28 ppm.
  • Pc connection is available with modes of USB and LAN.
  • Maximum transmission available for fax machine is 33.6 kbps with a total memory capacity of 100 pages.
  • Features for faxing include Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD), fax forwarding, color faxing and automatic redialing.
  • Features for supported media types are transparencies, cards, iron-on transfers, photo paper, envelopes, plain paper as well as labels.

Pros & Cons of HP Office-jet 4500 Printer:

Being a versatile printer, the printer puts up a great performance in an overall, but it still has some pros and Cons. Here are the Pros and Cons of the printer:


  • Provides Professional colour for every pages at a very economical value
  • Occupies a built in Wired Networking
  • Provides a photo printing colour for 4X6 resolution to enhance business documents.
  • Providing an automatic document feeder for scan, fax as well a multiple page copier.
  • Provides multiple functions for all in one printing, faxing, scanning as well as copying.


  • Wireless printing facility is missing in this printer.
  • Auto mode for two sided printing is also being missing in the Office-jet printer. One has to do this function manually. Thus every time one opts for printing the opposite side, he has to change the face manually.
  • Memory card slots including the PictBridge Support is also a necessary function which is missing from the printer.
  • The LCD colour screen is also missing in the printer. This makes a huge backlog for printing on photo papers.
  • High paper tray capacity is also missing. It only accepts a round figure of 100 sheets at a time.
  • Tri colour cartridge is also lacking. Thus it only enables place for a single colour cartridge.
  • It only enables mediocre photo printing.
  • Not so good for bulk printing. Infact the Printer is only to be chosen for homely purpose.

An outline of HP Office-jet 4500 Printer:

The HP Office-jet 4500 Printer gives up a good transmission speed all throughout. Also, with a very economical printing it is definitely a good printer to buy. If photo printing the key for you, you can definitely opt this gadget. Definitely there are some backlogs with the memory card slots and the PictBridge ports lacking, but if printing texts is the key for you, then this HP printer is definitely a good choice for you. The recommended duty cycle for the printer is limited up to 1000 pages which makes up to a great economical value. Thus you can definitely have a try for the Printer for homely use without bulk printing. Thus the total verdict can be considered as a very economical printer but with lacks of core facilities.

You can order the HP Office-jet 4500 Printer from this link:

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