The Best Black and White Laser Printers 2018

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The Best Black and White Laser Printers for your home

Mono printers print only in black and white using only a black toner cartridge. They are perfect printers for small business and small enterprises. Mono laser printers tend to produce excellent text print output. This is because of the lack of bells and whistles. Mono laser printers prove to be quicker and more accurate than color inkjet printers. Buying the best black and laser printer is also very necessary

The “black and white” printers are also more efficient than the color laser printers.

A good mono laser printer can produce high volumes of prints in very short periods of time.

If you are running a business a reduced cost per page can be critical. Therefore, one must look forward to buying only the best black and laser printer for regular purposes.

There are many mono laser printers in the market, given below are some smart buys:

The best Monochrome black and white laser printers:

HP LaserJet ProP1102w Wireless Monochrome Printer

black and white laser printer

Wireless is one of the most recent technologies to infiltrate the printer market. HP’s brand new printer has the wireless feature of turning it off and on. The P1102 has very modest dimensions mainly because its input and output trays fold out only when needed.

HP rates this wireless machine at 18ppm, which is a fair speed for a personal laser printer. A 5 page text print took 27s which is almost 11.1 ppm. A 20 page document took the speed up to 15.8ppm.

The speeds are very reasonable for an entry level machine and can be compared to the recent Samsung models.

The grey scale print is also very reasonable. However, some colors translate to very similar shades of grey which can be confusing. Business charts and graphs look smart and clean.

Photo image printouts is never the mono laser’s printer’s favourite task. Once you take a print even the images look realistic and well detailed. While areas of sky appear a little mottled but they are better than the light and dark bands often seen in printouts taken from the monos.

Overall this machine is a worthwhile entry level mono laser printer which comes with wireless connection and prints good quality pages quickly. This can probably be more expensive to run though.

  1. Samsung Xpress M2835DW

Samsung Xpress M2835DW

  • Rating- 4.5/5
  • Fantastic design.
  • Strong print quality.
  • Features work exactly how they should be.


  1. Cannon i-SENSYS MF6180dw

Canon i-SENSYS

  • Rating- 4.5/5
  • Fax facilities are available. (yes it’s still a thing)
  • Allows full duplex sheet-fed scanning up to 50 sheets at a time.
  • Flatbed scanning is also an option.
  • Bulky design.


  1. Samsung Xpress M2020W

Samsung Xpress M2835DW

  • Rating- 4.5/5
  • Samsung’s smallest mono laser printer.
  • Has rapid good quality print output.
  • Cost per page is a little higher than the other printers.


  1. Brother HL-1110

monochrome samsung printer

  • Rating- 4/5
  • This is not meant for bulk printing.
  • Nor does this printer have the extra features.
  • Perfect for occasional prints.


  1. Samsung Xpress M2070W

Samsung Xpress M2835DW

  • Rating- 4/5
  • The NFC facilities work perfect with the specifications and features of this printer.
  • Despite the cost per page this is one of the most complete mono MFD in the market.
  • Doesn’t have a polished look.
  • Absence of auto duplexing.
  • The running costs are also a little high.



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