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Types of printers:

Summary: For those planning for an investment on printers, it is better to get an understanding about the types of printers.

As most of us know, printers are devices that are used for printing text of illustrations on papers. This gadget is classified into different types and in terms of the technology used, here are the kinds of printers:

  • Ink-jet:

This kind of printer will shower ink at a sheet of paper and this type will be useful for those looking for high-quality text and graphics printouts.

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  • Laser printer:

This kind operates under the similar mechanism like copy machines and this type is also useful for production of good quality graphics and texts.

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  • Daisy-wheel:

Inkjet or Laser Printers and most common types of printers and best printers to use at home or office.

This is something similar to that of ball-head typewriters. In this type, there will be a metal or plastic wheel on which the shape of every character stands out in relief. Like in the traditional typewriters, the hammer will press the wheel against a ribbon, thereby making an ink stain the shape of the particular character. This type can take letter quality printouts, but cannot print graphics. So, those falling under this category can be called as black and white printers.

  • LCD and LED:

LCD and LED printers are alike to laser printers. But the difference is that they use LCD or LED as against laser used by the previous type for production of images on the drum.

  • Dot-Matrix:

This type of printer will form characters by hitting the pins alongside the ink ribbon. Every pin will make a dot and a combination of dots will form characters.

  • Line printer:

In this type, there will be chain of characters or pins that will print a whole line at a single instance. Even though, this type is stated to produce faster prints, it is known to produce low-quality prints.

  • Thermal printer:

This is an expensive type, which works by forcing the heated nails touching the heat-sensitive paper. This type is broadly used in fax machines and calculators.


When talking about types of printers, in addition to their types, they are categorized on the basis of their characteristics as well like those given below:

Type of output:

The yields from these printers are known to be either of letter quality as good as typewriters, closer to letter quality or draft quality. Among the types mentioned above, only the laser, ink-jet and daisy-wheel models produce letter-quality output. Even though, some dot-matrix printers claim to produce letter-quality prints, you can easily see the difference when you have a look at the papers printed under both the types. Even, black and white printers will produce better quality texts.


In general, speed of printers is measured as page per minute or characters per second PPM and CPS respectively. When it comes to daisy-wheel it can print just 30 CPS. Among the many types line printers are known to be the fastest as they can produce up to 3000 lines per minute. When it comes to dot-matrix models, they can print up to 500 cps and laser printers can range from 4-20 per cent text pages per minute.

Finally, graphics and fonts produced are also to be considered to arrive at fruitful results and when you are comparing the different black and white printers.

So, if you are looking to buy a home printer or an office printer you may want to consider only the first two types of printers, the inkjet printers and laser printers.

You may ask yourself which type of printer will be best for you, inkjet or laser? You can answer yourself by thinking what you’ll need the printer for. If you want a printer for your workplace where all employees will print with it, you may want to buy a laser printer because laser printers are much faster than inkjet printers and will get the job done in no time.

If you want a printer for personal use, to print once in a while and you are not in a hurry to print, than an inkjet printer will be best for you because it is much cheaper and also the priting cost is low.

So, before you go and buy a printer you have to ask yourself what you’ll use the printer for. Knowing what for you’ll use your printer for you will know what type of printer you need.

If any of you need a further advice please feel free to comment here and I will answer as soon as possible.

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